Tank Protection

Is Your Fuel Tank Protected?

As oil storage tanks age, they eventually rust, corrode, and leak, which leads to a messy – and likely expensive – clean up. That expense, on top of the cost of replacing the failed tank, can add up.

In order to help protect our customers against such an expense, we at Alvin Hollis offer an affordable TankSure Tank Protection Plan that will pay up to $1,400 toward the replacement of your oil storage tank should it fail. Our TankSure Tank Protection Plan is a simple way to guard against having to pay the full cost of a new tank.

To avoid extra hassle, we encourage you to replace your aging tank before a leak occurs. If you choose to do so we will apply all premiums paid for your protection plan toward the cost of the purchase and installation of the new tank.


If you signed up for the Alvin Hollis TankSure Tank Protection Plan in the past, your coverage is automatically renewed on an annual basis. The annual fee will appear on your current invoice as a separate item, or is included as part of your budget payment plan. We will continue to provide regular corrosion inhibitor treatments for your tank.

For a modest annual fee, our TankSure Tank Protection Plan offers:


Professional inspection of your above ground tank to identify potential leaks, rust, or corrosion spots


Treatment of your existing tank with a corrosion inhibitor to extend its service life


Annual tank inspection


Up to $1,400 toward replacement of a failed or leaking tank, including labor costs