About Us


Our Family Serving Your Family

Picture the time when the landscape was mainly farms, Grant was in the White House, and transportation was hay-fueled. That’s when Alvin Hollis first opened our doors.

Since that day our family-owned business has been making homes and workplaces comfortable and energy efficient. The secret to making our customers happy for so long has always been our passion for quality, our commitment to staying on top of the latest technology advanced in the home comfort industry, and our care for the local South Shore homeowners who have turned to us for generations. We are South Shore residents with deep ties to this community, and we take great pride in our ability to provide our neighbors with the products and services they need to live more comfortable lives.

That comfort starts with personal, courteous service and has since 1871.

Our longevity as a company is a true testament to the quality of the people we employ. We are a family business in a sense that extends beyond blood lines. Ever member of the Alvin Hollis staff is treated like family, which translates into a working environment that allows us to give our customers our all 24-7.

From the drivers who deliver our fuel, to our technicians who install and service our products, to our office staff and our management team, we are all committed to the comfort of our customers.

Our History

As a company with more than 150 years of experienced, we’ve have seen every change in home comfort from the switch from coal to oil, to the advent of air conditioning, to the advancement of energy efficient home comfort technologies like Smart Thermostats.