Smart Thermostats

Honeywell Smart Thermostats

The technology behind quality home comfort has been growing by leaps and bounds over the last few years. One of the latest innovations has been the advent of “smart” thermostats. These Wi-Fi compatible units are installed where your existing thermostat is, replacing the rotary or button-based system most of homeowners have with a convenient touch screen.

The touch screen system gives you direct access to all the information you need to bring the perfect level of comfort into your home. And in some units, you don’t even have to access that information while standing at the touch screen. Many of these “smart” thermostats offer mobile device compatibility, allowing you to update temperature levels in your home from anywhere in the world. Here at Alvin Hollis, we install top of the line Honeywell Smart Thermostats in South Shore homes, helping to bring hundreds of homeowners into the future of home comfort.