Oil Heating Systems 

For more than 5 generations, Alvin Hollis has been helping homeowners south and west of Boston heat their homes safely and efficiently with oil heat. From the early days when we switched homes from coal to oil systems…to recent years when we have installed furnaces and boilers that can reduce a home’s energy bills by a third or more… Alvin Hollis has always been the trusted resource for thousands of homeowners.

Reliable, Top Quality Systems

Here at Alvin Hollis we work exclusively with the leading manufacturers of quality oil heat systems. We’ve been installing oil heat systems for more than 150 years and know what a quality system entails. That is why we work with the following manufacturers. Each of these companies offers top of the line oil heat systems. Our oil heat system experts will work with you to choose the right fit for your home.

Delivery Options

Learn all about the range of delivery options offered by Alvin Hollis.