150+ Years of Serving the South Shore

Founded by namesake Alvin Hollis in 1871, Alvin Hollis began as a horse-drawn ice delivery service, eventually expanding to other commodities such as firewood, coal, and hay in the early 1900s. Constantly ahead of the curve, by the beginning of WWII the company had begun to switched from coal to oil delivery, expanding across the South Shore from it’s Weymouth base.

From Horse and Buggy to Wi-Fi Thermostats

As the industry has advanced, so have the products and services offered by Alvin Hollis. Fuel delivery expanded into heating and cooling system installation, and renewable energy. Products like bioheat and sulfur-free bioheat were added in order to provide local homeowners with a more sustainable home heating alternative. Each time a new advancement is made, Alvin Hollis is ahead of the curve, ensuring that our customers have access to the latest and greatest in home comfort technology.

A Lasting Family Business

Today, Alvin Hollis is lead by the 4th and 5th generation of the family, President Jim Bicknell and Vice President Laura Bicknell Carbone. The two carry on the family’s commitment to quality, courteous service, consistently seeking out ways to add further value to the services we provide our customers.