Heating Oil Delivery

At Alvin Hollis, we’re careful about the oil we provide to our customers’ homes. We buy only the highest quality oil and deliver to local homeowners from one of our four terminals located west and south of Boston. For five generations we have been committed to providing convenient, reliable home heating oil deliveries.

Alvin Hollis is proud of our consistent record of delivering oil at prices below the state average.

You can check the current average price at this Massachusetts government website.

Our customers benefit from heating oil infused with “stay clean” additives and stabilizers to keep your tank and fuel line clean. And we offer a variety of convenient payment plans so you can select the one that fits your needs and your budget.

Why Heat with Oil?

More than 10 million homes throughout the United States are heated with oil. Here are just a few facts that prove that heating your home with oil is a smart choice:

  • Oil heat burns 400 degrees hotter than natural gas, resulting in a cozier house that heats up faster. And because oil heat has a higher burn temperature, it provides a more even temperature in all rooms throughout the house.
  • Oil heat burns so cleanly the EPA doesn’t even regulate its emissions. And it produces far less greenhouse gas than natural gas systems.
  • The average oil furnace lasts 30 years or more. Compare that to the 15 years you get from a gas furnace.
  • If the hot water heater is fired with oil, it will heat up twice as fast as it would with natural gas.
  • Central air conditioning can easily be added to forced air oil furnaces
  • Home heating oil is non-toxic, non-explosive, biodegradable and contains no carcinogens.
  • New above ground oil tanks are available in a variety of sizes and can be tucked away in an unused corner of the garage or basement, completely eliminating any concerns about undetected leaks.
  • Newer oil furnaces, burners, water heaters, stoves and boilers feature cutting edge technology and can have efficiency ratings that exceed 90%.
  • Unlike public utilities, oil heat companies are not monopolies – they’re locally owned businesses like Alvin Hollis that rely on quality customer service and value to remain competitive.

Peace of Mind with Alvin Hollis Tank Protection

Our oil tank protection policy is an optional program for customers who wish to avoid any unexpected surprises. If your tank falls into disrepair or fails, Alvin Hollis will quickly respond to replace it, helping to ensure that your family has a warm comfortable home again as quickly as possible.