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Here at Alvin Hollis we truly appreciate the trust you place in us for your heating, cooling, and plumbing services and, as a loyal customer, we want to hear from you! Your comments and rating will help others to know exactly what to expect when they consider turning to Alvin Hollis for their home comfort.

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Alvin Hollis
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 57 reviews
by Tom Tanner on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 11/5/19

Alvin Hollis designed and installed my heating and AC system when I built my home 19 years ago. The same system has been working perfectly until recently. Being an old system the AC was running on freon. Freon is no longer used as a coolant so we had to replace the old system with a new, updated system. The staff at Alvin Hollis has never failed me. TJ and his team did a terrific job as always and I’m very happy with the new system.

by Barbara S. on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 10/16/2019

Just a quick note to let you know how much we like our new Mitsubishi air conditioner.  It is so quiet and really cools down the house so quickly when needed.  Your crew installed the air conditioner in less than 2 hours, and left no mess behind.  Alvin Hollis was definitely the right choice to do the job.

by Jim Mahoney on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 9/4/2019

I’ve been an Alvin Hollis customer for thirty years. They take care of all my heating and plumbing needs. I know I can always rely on them for a quick response and great service. The General Manager, Chuck Sands is excellent.

by Stephen Ewer on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Plymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 8/28/2019

Alvin-Hollis was recommended to us by a realtor when we purchased our home. The service on the heat and air conditioning has been excellent and the response time has always been fast. A serviceman recommended a new boiler because it was getting to the point it was not repairable. We had a new boiler installed by Alvin-Hollis and we are quite satisfied with the results. Plenty of hot water and the boiler performs quietly and efficiently. Service, sales and installation people have always been courteous and first rate. We recommend them highly.

by Robert Hayes on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 06/06/2019

Expanded Base Board Heat

by Janet Holbrook on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 6 4 19

We have been customers for many years and always have had a high opinion of your company, but yesterday pretty much went over the top. We had a ductless A/C installed and the experience was great. We just love it!! Very quiet and efficient. The men who did the work were great. Thank You all!

by Marie Coleman on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/30/2019

I have been a satisfied customer of Alvin Hollis for over 30 years. The Company has installed and services both the heating and AC. During a routine delivery in 2018, the technician suggested I have the oil tank evaluated. He thought because of its age and the fact that it is located outside, it should be checked. I followed his advice and a new oil tank was installed in the fall. I know I will have continued good service from Alvin Hollis.

by Paul Sweeney on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): O1/30/2019

We just had a fantastic service experience with Alvin Hollis. Although 30-year South Shore residents, my wife and I have never before done business with you. Big miss by us! We recently moved into a new home that was already serviced by AH, and so we thought we’d give it a try. I noted that our first introductory call and service visit were very positive, so great start...last evening, we noticed that our hot water was compromised. My wife immediately contacted AH. I was actually unfairly skeptical and boy was I wrong! The dispatcher promised to send a technician right away and 30 mins later Steve arrived. He quickly diagnosed the issue as a Distributor failure, he had a replacement part in his truck, and he fixed the problem. Plus he patiently explained it to me and I learned a lot. Finally, he tested the water temperature before leaving. Steve was a true professional and a credit to AH.

In an age of often very poor customer service, AH really distinguished itself on our behalf...thanks so much!

by Patricia Rekowski on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01-29-2019

Alvin Hollis employees were wonderful very helpful and always courteous! My mother passed away last year and while in the process of cleaning out the house we were having the furnace cleaned . The service man noticed a small problem with the tank. Well it wasn’t such a small problem after all we needed to replace the oil tank before the seems gave out! The house was going to go on the market in just two weeks! The Alvin Hollis employees got the whole job done in that time. Now the house has been sold and the new owners have a beautiful new oil tank and a great oil company to go with it! Thank you all! Wonderful job! Patricia

by Jim Connell on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Cohasset
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/18/2019

When Hollis suggested I take their tank insurance policy I was unsure. Tank was installed during the construction of my home in 1986. The only problem I had with it was that the tank oil level gauge did not work.

During my fall tune up the technician noted a small oil leak from the tank that indicated the needed replacement. Replacement was partially covered by the aforementioned tank insurance. I pretty much got back about 3 times what I put in.

The tank was replaced in an afternoon with no mess or unusual odors. Most of the oil was saved cleaned and recycled back. The minor damage done to my stairway due to it being barely big enough for the tank removal was repaired by Hollis at no extra charge to me.

I would rate this experience as exceeding my expectation.

by Tony Garand on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 1/4/2019

We are very pleased with our new heating system that was installed this past summer. After installation, we had a few follow-up questions and issues that were addressed by Brian, the service manager, we dealt with. He was extremely helpful, timely, and courteous. He came out, addressed our concerns and made the adjustments needed to assure that we were completely satisfied. Having worked with Alvin Hollis for 24 years, we could not be happier with the company and the service they provide.

by Richard Pasquale on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Abington Mass
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/03/19

I had a complete new heating installed, everything was outstanding from installation to the clean up. The techs doing the work were terrific. If you are thinking of doing a heating or a/c job these are the people you want to do it !!

by Barbara Schneider on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Hingham
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/20/18

First time customer. Had a complete heat and air system installed. I will give 5 stars for wonderful service, advice, prompt telephone call return, immaculate work. Would highly recommend Alvin Hollis.

by Geraldine Murphy on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Hanover, MA
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/20/2018

My husband and I have been customers of Alvin Hollis for over 40 years. Our oil burner was serviced every year by the company. Our oil arrived, always without a problem – even in the harsh weather. Repair to our burner was always prompt and scheduled with a fuss. When my husband’s health prevented use of a window air conditioner, Alvin Hollis came to the rescue with a split-air system. We also used the plumbers service.

When my husband passed away last January and my fifty year old oil burner needed replacement, I did not hesitate to call Alvin Hollis. Their fine service man helped me navigate a new heating system and an energy audit. I am so grateful for all of his help.

All in all Alvin Hollis has been a friend to me. From the phone contacts, the service department, and the sale department, I have been blessed to have found the competent staff of Alvin Hollis.

Thank you all.

by Deborah Foley on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Hull
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 11/1/2018

I highly recommend Alvin Hollis. They’ve been serving our family for almost forty years. In recent years they installed two furnaces and an air conditioning system. Their staff is always professional and the techs are fantastic.

by Karl Cederholm on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Lakeville
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 09/13/2018

Greg was here today to service our oil burner. Outstanding technician. Thoughtful, explained the service and reviewed the burner which was very good. As with all your technicians, burner or air conditioning, very knowledgeable and competent.

by Bruce Bygate on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Duxbury
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 6/15/2018

I'm a long time customer. AH installed our first central air system in 1984. This year AH evaluated and replaced with a top- of- the- line Carrier central AC. Alvin HolliS A can do professional Company. They say what they are going to do and do what they said.

by Ken Anderson on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Hanson
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/23/2018

Have been using Alvin Hollis for longer than I can remember. They have installed my furnace, hot water heater & central air. Very professional employees.

by Fred Baker on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: West Bridgewater
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/28/2018

I am a first time customer and had a great experience. From the initial Planning & consultation thru installation the team was prompt, professional, answered all my questions and helped me thru the project . Can't say enough. I'm pleased to know they also provide all plumbing services. Thank you

by Andrea Moncey on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: East Bridgewater
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/22/2018

I have been a customer of Alvin Hollis for over twenty years. They take care of all my heating and plumbing issues. They are always so accommodating and professional. I highly recommend them.

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