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Alvin Hollis
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 76 reviews
by Elena Aherne on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 09:07/21

The Alvin Hollis technician was terrific. He arrived at my house at 9:00 and stayed at my house until well after 6:00 to complete the job. He has a great work ethic and was very personable.

by Michael Mahoney on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 06/18/2021

I've been a customer for 20+ years and have never been disappointed in the service and support of Alvin Hollis . During a routine maintenance call I was advised that my original oil tank was at least 50+ years old and recommended that I replace it. Alvin Hollis handled all the permits and scheduling and had I not been home I never would have known they were here except looking at a shiny new oil tank. The crew was professional, quiet and cleaned up thoroughly after the job. I highly recommend Alvin Hollis for all your heating/cooling/oil needs

by Laureen Browning on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 04-11-2021

We were introduced to the Alvin Hollis company years ago by AH team member Joe Vannelli who shared the valuable benefits becoming an Alvin Hollis customer. Well, Joe was spot on and throughout the many years Alvin Hollis has never disappointed. The service (from the office team to emergency/routine home service) positively outstanding with a local community feel! Most recently we were in need of a radiator replacement in one of our bedrooms and Jim H. recommended a used one that his team could clean up/paint and install for about 60% of the cost of a new one. Well the AH technician brought what looked like a brand new radiator and installed it (while navigating the workers of our insulation install which happened simultaneously!). As always prompt/professional and efficient service! We are selling our beautiful home and can’t tell you how very helpful all the years of service documentation provided by Alvin Hollis (they put the service cards on a hook by the oil boiler) has been to demonstrate to prospective sellers, our diligence as home owners, to keep heating systems in check. If you are new to the South Shore or simply looking for a new heating service & delivery/ HVAC company look no further...Alvin Hollis IS the South Shore’s best source for quality home comfort and the AH Team is absolutely-hands down amazing!

by Larry on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Hanover
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): March 5, 2021

They showed up on time, did a neat complicated job, and left the place immaculate! We recommend them, Larry B.

by Kelly A on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Pembroke
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 2/23/2021

My family and I have used Alvin Hollis for our oil/central ac for the last 16 years. We have always received outstanding, professional, knowledgeable and friendly customer service. Wouldn't dream about going anywhere else!!!!

by Patricia Schmieg on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Randolph
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01-15-2021

I have heat! With grateful thanks:
In November to Rich for installing a new thermostat.
In January, I'm grateful to you all for coming this week to fix my furnace:
John for unsticking a pressure switch,
David for testing and retesting a closed switch on the computer board, ordering a new board, and showing me how to flip the circuit breaker to turn on heat, and
Rich for installing the new computer board and showing me how to remove and replace the thermostat cover.

by Mike on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Rockland
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 2/17/2021

Great service and delivery. 30 year customer.

by Flemming Christensen on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Plymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 01/11/2021

Thoroughly impressed one year into our service contract. Excellent customer service: Knowledgeable technicians, quick, courteous & professional, no upsell pressure. I wish every service provider would learn from Alvin Hollis! They're second to none. Thank you!

by Peter Wolk on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Kingston
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/01/2020

Alvin Hollis is the best!!! He came for a regular service call on my oil burner. Turned out, my roofer had, unknown to me, inadvertently moved my furnace exhaust stack, thereby separating the bottom of the flue to the roof from the top part. Instant panic on my part--total cool on their part. It took a lot, a lot of effort to make things right, but they had it in their head that this was going to get fixed that visit... and it did.

I can't say enough about them.

Oh yeah, the people that answer the phones are super-friendly.

by Ellen on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Canton
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 9/22/2020

We have been a customer for over twenty years and are very happy with Alvin Hollis. The same employees have been servicing our heating and air conditioning systems and supplying our oil. They are Reliable, Professional, and always there when you need them. Thank you Alvin Hollis, we value your service.

by Peter Carleen on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Plymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 07/29/2020

We have been Alvin Hollis customers for 35 years and have always been loyal and satisfied customers. Today we had the need to have a service call for our central A/C that Alvin Hollis installed 15 years ago. The service technician, Rich, was the same employee that installed our system. He was as skilled and as professional as he was at the time of installation. The highest praise of customer satisfaction is extended to Alvin Hollis from us. Not only do they know how to provide prompt expertise in their customer service model, they obviously know how to maintain and keep skilled service technicians, Alvin Hollis is fortunate to have Rich in their employ and we continue to be grateful to have chosen Alvin Hollis for our home heating / cooling provider over three and half decades ago!

by Margaret Pacella on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Rockland
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 7/28/2020

We needed an A/C in our home and we contacted Alvin Hollis. They came right out and priced it for us. Set a date and installed it as they said. It works wonderfully, we're very happy with it. We even got $$ back from Mass Save.
Win Win!

by Francis L Barresi on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Halifax
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 6/16/2020

I have used Alvin Hollis for years. Based on my more than 40 years with them, I would recommend them without exception. Recently they installed a Rudd furnace and Rudd air conditioning. They did the job when they said they would and even supervised that it was installed correctly. Everything is working better now than it ever has. I think the reason, is they took the time to listen to our needs and concerns and budget and under their own initiative evaluated the whole house, including the basement to determine what we needed to be the most comfortable and save money. the Alvin Hollis's engineer, Jeff Milton was professional, made recommendations, and stayed on top of the job so it was completed to his and our satisfaction.
Prior to this replacement of the prior system, they provided qualified and personal service to keep the furnace and air conditioner running efficiently and worry-free.
I highly would recommend, if you are unsatisfied with you existing company or just want to experience the service of complete professions and personable, reliable service, give them a call. They will work with you to get the best from your existing system or assist you in replacing an old one. There may be others as good but you will see the difference in heating and AC when you hire Alvin Hollis.

by Michelle on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Norwell
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 06/01/2020

Alvin Hollis has always gone above and beyond. Whether its at my own home or when I'm working with home buyers, I always recommend them. They even offer a complementary oil tank inspection when you are purchasing a home, which I've had many clients take advantage of and recently, I had some clients who were very thankful Alvin Hollis let them know that the oil tank needed replacement so they could negotiate that in their sale!
They have the best team who will go out of their way to try to resolve any heating/cooling issue you are having as quickly as possible.

by Michael on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Plymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 04/24/20

I purchased my home in July of 2019 and needed my heating system updated and central air installed. Alvin and Hollis was one of 3 estimates I sought prior to having this work completed. Alvin and Hollis stood out from the other 2 companies that I sought estimates from. Every person I worked with from beginning to end with this company was helpful and insightful. Alvin and Hollis is very easy to work with, reliable and professional. I would not hesitate to work with them again in the future and would strongly recommend this company to others!!

by Judith Ann Hall on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Norwell
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 05/13/2020

We have been customers of Alvin Hollis for possibly 50 years in the same house in Norwell and during that period of time have had a new furnace, central air conditioning added to existing home, separate air conditioning units upstairs, central humidifier along with separate air conditioning units in a second home. We have always been extremely pleased with the quality of service and with the pleasant helpfulness we receive whenever we might call. I cannot recommend them highly enough. JHall

P.S. I did forget to mention hot water heaters and heating oil services in Norwell if you want to add those. We have seen quite a few service people retire over the years! It is a good company.

by tom fitzgerald on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: hull
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 04302020

I recently had a new furnace replacement - a top of the line product that is very efficient and quiet. The guys showed up on time, were very neat & clean and the installation went quite smoothly. I have been an Alvin Hollis customer for over 30 years for maintenance and oil deliveries. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a qualified and experienced company in this field.

by Christine Ellis on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Holbrook
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 12/14/19

I have been a customer for over 18 years and have always received excellent heating, air conditioning and plumbing service. In the past year I renovated my bath and was very pleased with the outcome. Most recently my oil tank began leaking. As always their quick response and service eliminated a potential disaster. Thank you Alvin Hollis.

by Raisa Roemischer on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Quincy
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 11/10/2019

We've been Alvin Hollis customers for 17 years. They have consistently outperformed our expectations with their services. A few days ago they replaced our boiler in a prompt and cost effective manner and we couldn't be happier. Thank you!

by Tom Tanner on Alvin Hollis
City/Town: Weymouth
Date of Review (mm/dd/yyyy): 11/5/19

Alvin Hollis designed and installed my heating and AC system when I built my home 19 years ago. The same system has been working perfectly until recently. Being an old system the AC was running on freon. Freon is no longer used as a coolant so we had to replace the old system with a new, updated system. The staff at Alvin Hollis has never failed me. TJ and his team did a terrific job as always and I’m very happy with the new system.

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