The lingering wet and chilly weather we have been experiencing here on the South Shore makes looking forward to the warmth of spring and summer all that much better. But let’s not forget that summer heat and humidity can be just as difficult to endure as sub-zero temperatures. That’s why so many of your neighbors are turning to Alvin Hollis to install cooling central air conditioning systems.

The first question to ask when planning a central cooling installation is: What size system is required? You want a system that is big enough to keep you cool and comfortable during the hottest weather. If you install a central air system whose capacity is too small, the unit will be forced to operate at “maximum effort” still not effectively cooling your home. Plus the service life of the unit will be reduced.

At the same time, you don’t need to pay extra for a system that is larger and more powerful than needed. A “too big” air conditioning system can cool your home quickly, but then will cycle between “on” and “off” settings continuously, which is less efficient.

The Best Size for Your Home

Choosing the right size central air system depends on three key factors:

  1. The size of the home. Knowing the square footage of your home in advance will allow your HVAC contractor to determine the most effective and efficient system to meet your cooling needs. The larger the home, the larger the AC unit required.
  2. The type of system. A larger system does not always equate to more cooling power. Using a higher quality air conditioning system can result in more efficient operation and lower energy costs.
  3. The budget. Ultimately the choice of an AC system will come down to your home improvement budget. Don’t forget to include considerations in your decision such as operating costs, warranty coverage, SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating, and expected service life. Investing a little more now could save you many more dollars over the life of your system.

At Alvin Hollis we have installed hundreds of central air conditioning systems for our neighbors across the South Shore. Our experienced cooling technicians can quickly determine the most efficient size and type of system for your needs.

To discuss whether a central air conditioning system is the right choice to keep your home cool and dry, call the home comfort experts at Alvin Hollis at (800) 649-5090.