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How to Avoid Gas Pains

By Brian Bicknell, Service Manager Over the past several years many homeowners have taken the step of converting their home heating system from oil to pipeline gas. They were convinced by the gas industry’s heavy handed marketing that gas was cleaner, more efficient...

What Makes a Thermostat Smart?

If you are still using an “old school” thermostat in your home, this might be the winter you make the leap to a new Smart Thermostat. The new thermostats are called “smart” for a reason. They can help you save money by studying factors like your energy usage, outdoor...

How Cold is Too Cold?

It makes good sense to lower your home’s temperature setting during the hours when you are away at work or on vacation. After all, there’s no need to heat an empty home. Lowering the thermostat is a good way to reduce fuel use and ease heating costs. But be careful!...

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