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The people of Alvin Hollis have a long history of supporting the communities in which we live and work. But we did not realize just how far back that history extended until reading a recent article in the South Shore Health Systems’ “Caring” newsletter.

In the article, Gene Green, MD, MBA, the President & CEO of South Shore Health Systems, writes about discovering a copy of a “gift book” that recorded all gifts and donations to Weymouth Hospital (which later become South Shore Hospital) between 1922 and 1966. Prominent among the businesses making donations many decades ago is Alvin Hollis.

That legacy of caring continues to this day. The same newsletter features a story about the team of 22 cyclists who rode the challenging 2-day, 109-mile Pan Mass Challenge as part of the South Shore Health Systems team. Prominent among the riders were Len Bicknell, former President of Alvin Hollis, and his daughter, Laura Bicknell-Carbone, who is currently Vice President of the company.

We are proud of our people, and pleased to continue our commitment to supporting the community that has supported our company for over 150 years.