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While your heating or AC system may work tirelessly throughout the year, eventually it’s going to call in sick. When? It will never tell you ahead of time—and most likely it will happen at the worst time. That is why we offer the following service plans for oil heat, gas heat, and air conditioning customers.

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Oil Heat Service Plan

Terms & Conditions for Oil Heat Service Plan

This Service Plan (“Plan”) covers only repairs to specified oil heat equipment that fails as a result of normal wear and tear. By enrolling, the customer accepts and agrees to the Terms and Conditions.

The plan includes an inspection and tune-up that will be performed once during the Plan term, generally between March and June. The tune-up will be done during regular working hours Monday thru Friday, as scheduled by the Alvin Hollis service department. The tune-up includes:

  1. Cleaning of the interior heating surfaces
  2. Cleaning the interior of the flue pipe
  3. Inspecting the chimney
  4. Clearing chimney base to flue entry level
  5. Replace oil burner nozzle
  6. Replace oil filter cartridge
  7. Replace air filter (warm air system), one per system per year
  8. Test and adjust oil burner for clean and efficient operation
  9. Oil all motors
  10. Perform ignition safety test
  11. Inspect combustion chamber
  12. Inspect general conditions

Alvin Hollis Co will repair or replace by exchange during the term of this Plan all defective, listed parts if available.

Alvin Hollis assumes the cost of labor as set forth in the Plan. Labor is included only for the repair or replacement of the listed parts. The CUSTOMER is responsible for the costs of any repairs made by Alvin Hollis that are not covered by the plan.

Alvin Hollis will respond to heating system failures that constitute an emergency, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, within a 2 hour timeframe.

The Plan covers the following parts:

  1. Oil burner motor
  2. Ignition transformer
  3. Fuel pump
  4. Delayed ignition solenoid
  5. Combustion Fan
  6. Retention head and ring
  7. Ignition controls
  8. Burner operating Controls
  9. System high limit control
  10. Steam pressure operating control
  11. Boiler operating controls
  12. Fan/limit Control
  13. Low Water Cut-off
  14. Thermostat (one per system, kitchen thermostat in multi thermostat systems)
  15. Emergency Switch
  16. Electrical Firomatic
  17. Circuit Breaker or Fuse
  18. Low Voltage Transformer
  19. Aquastat
  20. Blower motor and belt
  21. System circulator (for kitchen zone in multi zone systems)
  22. Smoke Pipe
  23. Oil tank vent whistle
  24. Oil firomatic valve

Allowances for repairs not covered by this plan

  1. $60 Combustion Chamber repair or replacement
  2. $25 Boiler feed valve replacement
  3. $25 Boiler relief valve replacement
  4. $25 Thermostatic tempering valve repair or replacement
  5. $25 Water heater relief valve

General Terms and Conditions

The term of this agreement is for one year and will be automatically renewed.

Tune-ups will be performed March 1 to Aug 31 and at other times as scheduled by Alvin Hollis Co. Plumbing, piping, zoning controls, distribution systems and their parts are not covered by this plan. Cancellation by the customer after 30 days of purchase or auto renewal will not generate a refund.

Alvin Hollis has the right to inspect the equipment and terminate this policy if the equipment is deemed unacceptable. This event will generate a pro-rated refund limited to payments received.

Repairs are not included that become necessary by fire, flood, accidents, or customer negligence. Customer will provide a safe and reasonable access to the premises and equipment.

Alvin Hollis Co will not be responsible for delays in rendering service due to or arising out of strikes, riots, lockouts, transportation delays, accidents, acts of God, and acts of government, war or any similar cause beyond its reasonable control.

Plans are not transferable to new owners of the property

Customer certifies that a valid permit for the storage of oil is posted on the premises.

Customer agrees to purchase all of their fuel oil from Alvin Hollis and maintain automatic delivery. Alvin Hollis Co has the right to cancel this policy if the customer exceeds company credit terms This agreement does not cover services required:

  1. When customer runs out of oil as a consequence of delivery having been suspended for delinquency in payments
  2. Failure of customer to maintain a proper water level in a steam boiler c. Emergency switch in the off position
  3. Thermostat set improperly
Natural Gas Service Plan

A Gas Service Plan is a Good Idea

Our gas customers like the fact that we are local and available. Alvin Hollis is your local service provider and this can make a significant differ­ence – particularly if you need emergency repairs.

We service the spectrum of gas heating units and our annual tune-up will assure that your system is operating at peak efficiency. This also means that filters, critical to clean indoor air quality, are replaced and maintained each year. A properly maintained gas system can also increase the lifespan of the equipment and can keep energy usage as low as possible.

At Alvin Hollis you are guaranteed priority service from a local provider that is there for you.

New air filters each year can make a big difference in the amount of dust and particulates blowing through a hot air system.


Our technicians will conduct a safety inspection of the heating system based on manufacturer’s recommendations and industry best practice.


Rest assured if your system needs unplanned repair that we will be there for you 24/7.


The annual tune-up will keep your gas system running efficiently which saves on fuel usage and extends the life of your equipment.


  • Annual System Tune-Up
  • New Standard Size Air Filters for Cleaner Indoor Air
  • On-Call Priority Service
  • Safety Check-Up

A Great Value at $220

General Conditions and Exclusions

  1. The term of the Plan is for a one (1) year period and will renew automatically each year unless terminated by either the Customer or Company. No credit will be issued if the Plan is canceled before the expiration date. The Plan covers equipment usage less than 200,000 BTUs.
  2. Repairs or services not covered by the Plan will be performed and charged to the Customer at prevailing rates and/or as prescribed by the Plan and services purchased.
  3. The Service Plan does not cover labor or materials to repair damage to the heating system or residence caused by the Customer’s neglect including, but not limited to, insufficient water for boiler, blown fuses or other failure of electrical system, improper thermostat settings or faulty thermostat, having heating system switches in the “OFF” position, debris build up in the air or venting systems, and other causes related to the improper operation or maintenance of the heating system by the Customer. The Plan also does not cover damage, repairs, or replacement of parts or components caused by Acts of God, fire, flood, freezing, storm or weather conditions, power loss or surges, and water damage.
  4. The Company will provide service as soon as practical, during regular business hours under normal conditions or on an emergency basis, if necessary. The Company will not be liable for any damages arising from a delay or failure to provide service due to conditions beyond its control such as Acts of God; labor disturbances or strikes; unavailability of mechanics or parts; failure or interruption of Customer’s electricity; inaccessibility of the heating system; storms, floods, or other severe weather conditions; or governmental laws or regulations.
  5. Customer agrees to release and hold Company harmless from all liability for any delay or failure to render the service or to make delivery of any merchandise as set forth herein due to federal, state, or municipal actions or regulations; strikes or any other labor troubles; fires; and embargoes, accidents, war, or any other cause contingent to, or circumstances beyond the control of, Company and/or that make the fulfillment of this Agreement impractical. On removal of the cause of such failure or interruption, performance shall be resumed pursuant to the terms as set forth herein. COMPANY SHALL BE RELEASED FROM LIABILITY AND SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMS ANY AND ALL LIABILITY FOR INDIRECT, INCIDENTAL, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY, SPECIAL, OR CONSEQUENTIAL DAMAGES OF ANY KIND SUSTAINED BY CUSTOMER. Company shall be released from liability for any injury, loss, or damages whatsoever that are occasions, in whole or in part, by defective design; faulty, incomplete, or erroneous plans or spe.cifications; defective materials or parts; and defective operation or malfunction of any equipment. Company takes no responsibility for any instructions, directions, operating guidelines, or warranties contained in any book, booklet, guide, manual, or warranty from any manufacturer or dealer.
  6. Payment Terms: Service Plan Fees under this Agreement shall be due when billed. Additional emergency or maintenance work not covered under this agreement is due at the time of service. In the event said charges are not paid when due, Customer agrees to pay service charge of 1.5%per month, which is an 18% Annual Percentage Rate, and which will be charged on the average daily balance on any account past due over thirty (30) days.
  7. Service Hours: As a Priority Customer you will have coverage every day excluding holidays & weekends for emergency service. Normal working hours are Monday through Friday, 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Priority service is defined as next business day.
  8. The Customer agrees to all terms and conditions listed in this brochure during the term of this Agreement and any renewals thereof. The Customer agrees that in the event there are any changes in coverage in the future, the terms and conditions of this Agreement shall continue to apply.
  9. In the event that the residence is sold, the Service Plan may remain in effect and can be conveyed to a new owner for the remaining term of the Plan provided the Plan has been paid in full.
  10. Company shall not be required to furnish any items of equipment, labor, or other services including, but not limited to, the performance of any tests recommended or required currently or at a future date by any insurance companies; governmental agencies or authorities; and/or pursuant to any statutes, regulations, or other laws.
  11. Amendment and Cancellation: We may amend or change the terms of this Agreement at any time. You will be notified of any change in the manner provided by applicable law prior to the effective date of the change. However, if the change is for security purposes, we can implement such change without prior notice. We may suspend or cancel this Agreement at any time. Your termination of this Agreement will not affect any of our rights or your obligations arising under this Agreement prior to termination.
  12. Customer agrees not to move or relocate equipment without notifying the Company. In the event Customer fails to notify, Company at its option may cancel this entire Agreement without refund or refuse to service the equipment so moved or relocated.
Air Conditioning Service Agreement

A Service Plan is a Good Idea!

When the most uncomfortable days of summer arrive, you want your air conditioning system operating at peak performance. Our Air Conditioning / Heat Pump Maintenance Agreement is designed to give our customers what they want most – an efficient running, dependable air conditioning system. We offer convenient scheduling of your tune-up which is included with your Maintenance Plan. When the heat arrives, your cooling equipment will be tuned to run at its best, providing you with cooling and comfort all summer long.


  • Annual 9-point tune-up inspection, scheduled in spring, summer, or fall.
  • Priority service for breakdowns and problems.
  • Repairs as required with no charge for parts listed and labor associated with their replacement.
  • Commitment to maintain your system, ensure its operating efficiency, extend its life, and be fair and reasonable in all business dealings.


Increase system efficiency and extend the life of your equipment.  Tune-ups will be scheduled in spring, summer, and fall and include the following:

  1. Clean outdoor condenser coils as needed
  2. Check operating temperatures and pressures*
  3. Check all motors for proper amperage draw
  4. Lubricate all motors per manufacturer’s specification
  5. Replace worn fan belts
  6. Check and clean condensate pans and drains as needed
  7. Clean or replace the system air filter (media filters excluded)
  8. Test all safety devices
  9. Visually inspect for refrigerant leaks

*If outdoor temperature and conditions allow – otherwise we will check the static pressure in the system only.


For breakdowns and problems, we will give your needs our highest priority.

There will be no parts or labor charges for the repair or replacement of the items listed below.

  • Air Conditioning Thermostat (standard)
  • Blower Motor (not ECM)
  • Circuit Boards
  • Condensate Pumps
  • Condenser  Fan (motor and blades)
  • Condenser Coil Cleaning (outside)
  • Contactor Relays
  • External Crankcase Heaters
  • Fuses
  • Hard Start Kits
  • Freeze Controls
  • High and Low Pressure Switches
  • Motor Contactors
  • Run and Start Capacitors
  • Safety Limits
  • Sight Glasses
  • Service Port Valve Caps
  • Thermal Expansion Valves
  • Time Delay Controls
  • Refrigerant Switch Over Valves (heat pumps)
  • Defrost Controls (heat pumps)
  • Two Stage Thermostats (heat pumps)

Parts Excluded: Compressors, Condenser Coils, Refrigerant Leaks and Diagnostics associated, Non-Standard Thermostats, Evaporator Coils and Drain Pans (interior), Zone Dampers and Zoning Controls

General Terms and Conditions

This agreement is between the customer and Alvin Hollis, herein referred to as the Company.

This agreement is null and void if anyone other than the Company services the equipment unless instructed to do so beforehand by the Company.

There shall be no obligation upon the Company to perform any service or provide parts after termination of this agreement; upon termination, there is no refund or credit allowed.

This agreement is offered to all customers, subject to an inspection and approval of their equipment by Alvin Hollis. If upon inspection, customer’s equipment is found to be unacceptable or obsolete, customer’s agreement coverage will be cancelled and a prorated refund will be returned to the customer. Repairs required to place equipment in acceptable conditions are excluded and will be charged separately.

This agreement will become effective immediately following the inspection and approval of the customer’s equipment, as required above, and payment of the Service Plan invoice. This agreement is effective for a twelve (12) month period.

All repairs and service work shall be done during normal working hours which include Monday through Friday 7:30am- 4:30pm, excluding holidays. Service after regular hours will incur a fee.

Any modifications, additions, adjustments or repairs made by others unless authorized by Alvin Hollis will be cause to terminate our obligations under this agreement.

This agreement does not cover any work or modifications which may be required by the government or codes, or insurance company requirements.

This agreement does not cover duct work, structural supports, or other sheet metal components that may deteriorate due to corrosion or rust.

Equipment must be readily accessible by a 6′ step ladder. Only systems of five (5) tons of capacity or less are eligible.

This agreement will automatically renew on its anniversary date and pricing may change subject to Alvin Hollis discretion. The price for an air conditioning agreement will be different from the price of a heat pump agreement.

This agreement is not transferrable.

This agreement may be terminated by either party upon 30 days written notice. A prorated refund for the remaining agreement period will be made with a deduction for any work already completed.

Don’t subject your family’s comfort to luck. Give yourself peace of mind with one of Alvin Hollis‘ maintenance agreements.

Our program provides:

  • Priority service for breakdowns and problems — you are always at the front of the line
  • Preventative maintenance and professional cleanings — reducing the likelihood of a breakdown
  • Repairs as required with no charge for certain parts and labor associated with their replacement (see full list on our Policy pages)
  • A trusted professional — technicians that care not just for the equipment, but for you and your home

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