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Maintenance Agreements

Alvin HollisPeace of mind...24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

While your heating or AC system may work tirelessly throughout the year, eventually it’s going to call in sick. When? It will never tell you ahead of time—and most likely it will happen at the worst time.

Available for any or all of these services:

  1. Oil heating
  2. Gas heating
  3. Air conditioning

Don’t subject your family’s comfort to luck. Give yourself peace of mind with one of Alvin Hollis‘ maintenance agreements.

Our program provides:

Plans are available for heating & cooling, oil & gas systems.
Call us at 781-335-2100 to set up a customized service program for your home.

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Oil Burner Service Policy

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Gas Burner Service Policy

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Air Conditioning Service Agreements