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Heat pumps from Alvin Hollis:
worth a careful look.

Thinking of upgrading to a heat pump?
Just within the past year or two, technical advances in heat pump technology have made for a world of change in efficiency, capacity and comfort. The fuel efficiency of heat pumps containing the new Greenspeed technology, for example, has been shown to be up to 69% greater than other systems.

Recently introduced variable-speed operation means that the heat pump does not have to work at full force all the time...which reduces temperature swings in your living space and keeps the noise down, too.

Heat Pumps from Alvin Hollis can be the most energy efficient way to heat and cool your home.Never had a heat pump?
New heat pumps are so efficient that some homeowners and businesses needing to replace a furnace could consider a heat pump instead! For example: at an outdoor temperature of 17 degrees, a Carrier Infinity heat pump has been shown to achieve up to 86% greater heating capacity than standard heat pumps. This breakthrough increases the range of homes for which a heat pump can be most efficient — heat pumps are not just for condos anymore! A big bonus is that heat pumps provide air conditioning in summer, too.


Consider a Hybrid Heat system...
Combining a Carrier Infinity furnace and heat pump provides an extremely efficient “Hybrid” heating system —one that adds air conditioning for your family’s year-round comfort! Continuously calculating a myriad of factors such as outside temperature and your home’s heat retention, the intelligent control decides on the most efficient way to heat your home—switching between your heat pump and your furnace as conditions change. The result is a huge savings in operating costs—winter and summer.


Alvin Hollis installs  Carrier Hybrid Heat systems with Greenspeed Intelligence.Better than geothermal?
In recent years, the gold standard for efficient and comfortable home heating and cooling has been geothermal: a technology that yields great energy-saving benefits can be expensive to install. Yet for many homes, heat pumps with Greenspeed technology can be just as comfortable, quiet and efficient as geothermal — often at a fraction of the installation cost. Or, perhaps a Hybrid Heat system may be the most cost-effective solution for your particular situation.

The consultants at Alvin Hollis can help you to identify what system might provide the benefits in comfort and energy savings that best meet your needs.