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Sulfur-Free BioHeat Fuel

Alvin Hollis BioHeatDo your part for a greener planet...and save $50/year on your service plan...with Sulfur-Free BioHeat Fuel, from Alvin Hollis.

Great for your furnace...great for our environment...Sulfur-Free BioHeat Fuel is worth considering if you heat your home by oil.

BioHeat Fuel is an ultra-clean, 100% Sulfur-Free heating oil blended with biodegradable, organic materials.


This oil-like fuel burns in your furnace at a far cleaner level than traditional fuel oil—which provides:

  1. the same satisfying heat as “regular oil"
  2. higher heating system efficiency
  3. less furnace maintenance
  4. a longer life for your heating system.

The world benefits from a 80% reduction in particulates emissions and a 20% reduction in nitrogen oxide emissions, and you will be doing your part to reduce our nation’s dependency on foreign oil.

No modification to your heating system is needed. When you use Sulfur-Free BioHeat Fuel, you’ll still receive our free oil spill insurance. With less wear on your system, Alvin Hollis will charge less for your annual service agreement plan. And Alvin Hollis offers a variety of convenient payment plans.

Many of our customers have questions to ask before they order BioHeat Fuel. And we’re happy to answer them!

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